Personalized Match Attax Cards

Have you always wanted to be the coolest kid at school?  Now you can be the envy of all your friends by having a Match Attax Style Card with your picture and name on it.

Here’s an example – please note the face has been pixellated out for privacy reasons:

How The Process Works:

There’s a PayPal button below – simply click on it and make the required payment (£15).

Then you need to email me a JPEG or Tiff of the person who’s going to star on his very own card, along with his or her name and chosen numbers for Attack and Defence (have to be less than a 100 though!).

Then I’ll do my thing and within 5 business days of your payment I’ll send you back an Image File (either Tiff or JPG) of your personalized card that you can then print out on any printer.

For best printing results you should use high quality photo paper and print out at photo quality.

Then all you have to do is cut out your card and put it in pride of price in your Match Attax folder – and take it to school to show your friends.

What could be cooler?

Here’s the PayPal button:

Just So We’re All Clear:
Once you have paid then you need to provide a photo, a name for the card and attack and defence numbers.  I will then prepare a card with those details on which I will email you.
You will then be able to print your personalized card out on just about any printer.  For best results I recommend using photo glossy paper and photography settings in the preferences of your printer.
Please note the image only prints out on one side – and currently the only style I have available is similar to the ‘world cup’ England style.
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